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Web and Software Development

About Us

Aizentech is a website and software development company. We create customized websites and develop software to cater to our clients unique and specific needs.

  • We work using the latest and most effective technology stacks, this enables us to create efficient, secure and reliable websites and software.
  • Branding and Marketing is the key to a successful business, we will help you create a unique brand identity that will captivate your company and all that it stands for.
  • We only stop working if you are happy with the solution we have built, our developers are experianced in rolling out large scale prouducts to a variety of platforms.

If you have an idea, we will help bring that idea into reality through the digital world, together we will plan the most effective solution for you and your company.

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Why us? At Aizentech we strive to make your ideas a reality

We are always looking for new ways to create eye catching, efficient and secure solutions.

  • 01Bringing your vision to life

    If you have an idea, we will help you bring that idea to life through the digital world. At Aizentech we design and develop mobile applications, websites and desktop applications.

  • We will help you establish a unique brand identity that will help boost marketing initiatives, with our SEO techniques and social media marketing stratergies we will help put your company on the radar.

Web Development Software Development


We provide a wide range of solutions and services.

Website Development

We design and develop beautiful, eye capturing websites that are secure and stable

Mobile Application Development

We create mobile applications for both android and ios mobile devices, our applications are secure and modular.


with our SEO techniques and social media marketing stratergies we will help put your company on the radar

Upgrade or Update an Existing website

We will gladly review your existing website to identify security flaws or to improve its overall design


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to develop and website or mobile application?

    Time depends on the scale and design we are working on, on average a 2-3 page website will take 7 working days to design and develop, a mobile application will take slightly longer and on average is 10-14 working days to design and develop. Please note that these times are estimates and may vary depending on the type of website or application you want.

  • After you have decided on one of our solutions, a deposit is required to start the development of your project, once the project is completed to your satisfaction, the remaing fee will be paid into our accounts.

  • A monthly fee will only be required if you decide to host your website with us after we develop it, we offer a one month trial where we will host and maintain your website for free, after the trial you may decide if you want to continue to host with Aizentech. Please note that hosting and maintence are two seperate options.

  • We develop content management systems on all of our websites. All you have to do is sign in to your private admin page and update as you please.

  • At Aizentech our developers are able to design and develop desktop applications specifically for your companies needs. We are able to develop ticketing systems, employee management systems, stock control systems, the list goes on. We are able to design and develop applications upon request.


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